Social Media as a Tool in Work Communities

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Student is familiar with the basics of social media and can utilize different social media tools in work environment. The student understands the netiquette and the forming of digital identity. The student knows core concepts of information security in social media and can utilize social media in work environment.

1. What is social media?
2. What kind of social media tools, network environments and services are available?
3. What are the rules of social media and how they are build up in a work community?
4. What is a digital identity and how it is formed?
5. What kind of information security things should be taken into account when utilizing social media in work communities?
6. How social media is utilized in work communities?

Työskentelytavat ja aikataulutus: Non-stop online self-study course in English. Materials are in Moodle. In addition, the Internet is used as a source of learning materials. The course is based on learning assignments. One of the assignments can be completed in teams. Peer review is used in evaluation. The student can start studying any time during the enrolment period. One of the learning assignments (peer evaluation) is scheduled and must be completed according to the schedule given in Moodle.
Aikaisemmat opinnot: No prerequisites needed.
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