Sustainable Fashion

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Fashion is fascinating, forward-thinking, innovative and fast-moving. To understand, why fashion matters, it is important to understand the huge scale of fashion industry. Especially fast fashion and the fast fashion processes have massive impacts on the environment and social, cultural and economic context. This course provides the basics of sustainable fashion.


The student learns to realize what impacts his/her decisions about fashion have on sustainability. He/she becomes familiar with fashion concepts in a social, cultural, environmental and economical context both locally and globally. The student understands the importance of sustainable fashion strategies based on future thinking. He/she understands the basics of sustainable fashion life cycle and fashion cycle. The student learns to work in a practical, creative and innovative way in the development of fashion concepts in a sustainable context. He/she is able to demonstrate a critical engagement in various aspects of sustainability and justify his/her proposals and decisions. He or she will learn to work in a concept design process based on both an experimental, sustainable and commercial approach.


Definitions of sustainable fashion.
Fashion in global context.
Sustainable fashion strategies and methods.
Life cycle thinking and the basics of fashion cycle
Sustainable fashion trend and market.
Developing a sustainable fashion concept.

Työskentelytavat ja aikataulutus: 100% web course (Moodle)
All assignments must be completed. Grading scale: 0-5
Aikaisemmat opinnot: Prerequisites: one year/basic studies in business or design
Opettaja(t): Sirpa Ryynänen
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