Area Studies

5 SP

Hub:  Business


Business relationships between various countries and regions are vital for the mutual benefits of the regions. With a view to improve business expertise across the national boundary, the course covers various aspects of understanding a particular culture and other social dynamics of the area. In addition, the course will focus to theoretical background and practical information relevant for business. Further more, steps will be taken to deal with the various business context and the dynamic forces which directly and indirectly influence the way different actors do business.

After completing of the course, students will be able to:
– Demonstrate familiarity with the area of study and know the main features of the area.
– Have better understanding of the economy, history and institution of the particular area.
– Negotiate fruitfully with the business counterparts.
– Produce better business projects related to the area studied.
– Identify right sector for trade and investment.

Mål: What are the main features of a particular country or area?
How culture impacts management and negotiation?
What kind of economic change process is going on in the region?
What are the potential trade and investment sectors?
How regional agreements and institutions are promoting trade and investment?
What are the main business risks and how to minimize them?
Arbetsformer och schemaläggning: 

Lectures, active class participation, independent research, group research, tutorials, presentation, research paper and possible visits related to the topic.

Schedule: 1.-16.08.2019

Participants must attend lecturers and tutorials. Group presentation planning ja implementation.

The course is 5 credits (~135 hours), the contact teaching days’ hours (~18 hours) are limited, there are a quite lot works to do in students’ groups (grouping will be made twice during the course).

The group work is performed according to instructions in lectures, and therefore the lectures are mandatory.
Some adjustment can be made but only if the whole class will agree and lecturer schedule can fit in.

Course modules:
– Increasing an awareness of business opportunities based on cultural differences.
– Study of success factors for chosen business case in known market area.
– Research of opportunities for the business case to move it into a new market area.
– A learning between groups based on challenges in studies and research.


”Evaluation in preparation, performed skills and working in groups.

The course evaluation is divided at the following way:
– Participation in and personal preparation for the scheduled classroom activities.
– Personal skills – performed in a classroom.
– Working in groups – performed partially in a classroom, and in groups outside classroom.

Criterias for evaluation are based on Joint Assessment Framework at TAMK:
– Knowing: proccess management, critical expertise; reflection skills, working in a multicultural team
– Acting: learning process (use of given guidance), applying substance know-how to practice, listening and communication skills, decision-making and problem-solving skills, team working skills, communication skills, project work skills.
– Being: self-assessment, peer-assessment, multidisciplinary collaboration.”

Lärare: Mr. Juha Tuominen M.Sc. (eng)

Registreringsdatum: 18.03.2019 - 31.12.2019
Datum: 01.08.2019 - 16.08.2019