Client Involvement and Needs

5 SP

Hub:  Gerontologia, Johtaminen ja työyhteisö, Nursing, Sosiaali-, terveys- ja liikunta-ala, Yamk


You will be familiar with the following issues
– Frailty citizens and nursing interventions
– Dementia care, Patient pathway
– Citizens´ involvement and Rehabilitation and Health promotion

This course is an independent theme of the Module Aging in society: Cross-cultural perspectives (15 ETCS).

Arbetsformer och schemaläggning: This is an online -course and the studying environment is Moodle-platform (HAMK). Please notice that there will online webinar in the evening time! From 4th of February to 14th of April. Online webinars will be four • 4 th of February at 5 pm • 20th of February • 16th of March • 14th of April • Please notice the change to summertime on March 29th
Passed / Failed • Active participation in team activities and online webinars • Learning assignment in cross-cultural teams according to set objectives and scheduled deadlines
Lärare: Kaisa Seppälä
Email: kaisa.seppala(at)
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