Kursnamn Data-Driven Marketing
Kursdatum 23.10.2023 - 15.10.2023
Yrkeshögskolan Haaga-Helia ammattikorkeakoulu
Kursens språk Engelska
Studiepoäng 5 SP

Bransch Business HUB, Entreprenörskap HUB
Lärare Kevin Gore
För öppna YH studenter Avgiftsbelagd
Nivå YH

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Anmälningstid 12.06.2023 - 08.10.2023
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Data-Driven Marketing

23.10.2023 - 15.10.2023


In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of modern and effective marketing through the study of the central concepts, practices and systems. You will gain an understanding of the possibilities of data-driven marketing in different channels and you will be able to plan targeted marketing that supports business objectives. You will learn how to make use of various metrics and their importance in agile marketing.

After completing this course, the student:

  • can explain the central concepts, practices and systems in data-driven marketing.
  • can describe how visitor data drawn from digital channels (home pages, search engines and social media channels) can be analyzed and used for customer insights and decision making in marketing.
  • can plan personalized marketing based on collected data as well as set objectives and metrics.
  • will complete a certification in data-driven marketing.
  • is able to take into account ethics, sustainability and responsibility in the handling of data.


  • The importance and use of data in the development of marketing, including marketing research
  • How the use of data drives marketing nowadays
  • Artificial Intelligence, automation and robotics as part of marketing
  • The fundamentals of data-driven marketing


Starting level: Customer Insights and Marketing as well as Customer Experience and Sales or similar courses should be completed beforehand. This course is part of the Marketing and Communication specialization learning path for the Bachelor’s Degree in Business.


Assessment criteria – grade 1

The student can define the basic concepts and tools used in data-driven marketing. With assistance, the student can find the necessary information and analyze data as the starting point in marketing.

Assessment criteria – grade 3

The student can define the tools used in data-driven marketing as well as interpret the collected data. The student can find the necessary information and both analyze and make use of data as the starting point in marketing. The student understands the importance of measuring data and tracking for both customer insights and marketing.

Assessment criteria – grade 5

The student can define data-driven marketing and its special features with mastery. The student is able to competently find essential information, and s/he can independently analyze and make use of data in marketing. S/he can select the appropriate metrics and make suggestions for improvement. The student can professionally communicate solutions.

Arbetsformer och schemaläggning

Virtual course.


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