Entrepreneurship – attitude and action

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Entrepreneurship is individual’s ability to use her/his opportunities. Enterpreneurial individual’s knowledge, skills and attitudes effect to entrepreneurial process. Entrepreneurial activities and entrepreneurship are based on seeking, recognizing and exploiting entrepreneurial opportunities. Entrepreneurial opportunities are exploited by business ideas and business models geared towards user and customer needs. Student can -search, recognize and assess business opportunities -create business ideas and evaluate idea’s interest -act in entrepreneurial way -project business idea’s financial dimensions -present and sell business idea for different target groups

Arbetsformer och schemaläggning: 

This is virtual course requiring independent work from student. The course consists sections in the Moodle where student prepare their own view based on their experience, own thinking and literature – post them and comment other student’s postings. Student guidance is available through Moodle, WebEx Skype and other relevant tools, and can be given both for the whole group as well as at the level of an individual student as per needed basis.


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