International Corporate Communication

5 SP

Hub:  Språk och kommunikation, Högre YH, Business, Entreprenörskap


Learning outcomes:
– The students are able to identify the international aspects of corporate communication with different stakeholders
– The students are able to find solutions to communication problems in international cases.
– The students know how to develop a strategic plan for international communication in business.
– The students know the meaningful use of the world wide web and social media in international corporate communication.
– The students develop their understanding of the cross-cultural considerations of corporate communication

– corporate communication: content and functions, stakeholder management, corporate identity and branding, communication strategy
– communication in international business
– global and local in communication
– lingua franca
– role of the web and social media

Arbetsformer och schemaläggning: 

This is an online course on the Moodle platform. The course is based on learning assignments that are completed individually or in interaction with other course participants.

The course starts on 16 September and finishes on 15 November.


grade: 5-1

Tidigare studier: A good understanding of business operations and B2 English proficiency
Lärare: Päivö Laine
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