Sexual health promotion

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Hub:  Humanistisk och pedagogisk, Hälsa och välmående


The students understand the significance of sexuality in life, the versatility of sexuality and sexual health as part of the overall wellbeing of individuals and communities. They can justify their attitudes, values and limits related to their own sexuality and they are able to comment on sexuality-related phenomena on societal – community – individual level. The students are able to support the sexual health of individuals.
Dimensions of sexuality, sexual health, sexual rights. Values, norms, taboos and myths related to sexuality, sexual fantasies. Sexual development, sexual versatility. Love, relationship and human reproduction. Plissit – model. Sexuality throughout life.Sexual harassment and violence, legislation on sexual crime.

Arbetsformer och schemaläggning: 

Distance learning. Learning assignments and group work. The students show competence in accordance with the learning objectives in the course assignments. In the assessment of written/online assignments, the assessment criteria for written assignments are used.



Tidigare studier: 2nd year
Lärare: Riitta Ala-Luhtala
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