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The course includes independent assignments as well as team work assignments. The independent writing tasks are mostly completed in one week’s time. These tasks include summaries, reports and descriptive comments alongside with information search. The collaborative assignments are mostly related to reading and commenting on other students’ texts. There is one longer team work assignment (called the written project), which lasts for three to five weeks.

During the course the students are required to communicate with the tutor and other course participants using the functions provided by Optima learning environment as well as using social media tools specially selected for this course. Students are required to post their texts to be discussion forum for peer commenting and evaluation.

The students are reminded that both independent and collaborative work will be evaluated and that the two types of course contribution will be that basis of the course grade.

Tavoitteet: Having completed the course the student can produce authentic text such as summaries, reports and descriptive comments that are needed both in working-life and study. Using written English, the student can create and share meanings within the domain of technical language and communication. The student sees communication as a process with purpose(s), impacts and series of events rather than just interpretation or translation of texts from one language to another.
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Online course


Each assignment is evaluated separately and the weighted mean average of the grades will be the final grade of the course. The criteria for assessment follow the Common European Framework of Languages and specifically the framework of writing skills. An important part of the assessment is also the student’s teams work skills and activity in discussion. The tutor gives the grade for the course.”

Aikaisemmat opinnot: The course is available for everyone who has completed secondary education.
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