Tourism in coastal and marine destinations

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Ala:  Matkailu-, ravitsemis- ja talousala

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Definition of coastal and maritime tourism; coastal and maritime tourism sector; demand and supply; regulation, planning and management; integrated coastal zone management; sustainability and responsibility; impacts of climate change on tourism industry.

Student defines the concept of coastal and maritime tourism and analyses its state of play as a sector of Blue Growth. Student compares demand and supply of coastal and marine locations and water-based activities. Student explains the importance of regulating, planning, and managing the sector and the impacts of climate change on tourism industry. Student explores responsibility and sustainability in coastal and maritime tourism.
Classification of competence: Basic level

Työskentelytavat ja aikataulutus: This is a non-stop online course that is available for students during 13.1.2020-30.11.2020. After the enrollment you get email from us (within 2 weeks). When you are accepted to the course, you can start studying individually. The final deadline for all assignments is 30 November 2020. After this date no assignments can be submitted and the course is closed. There are five individual assignments. NOTE: CampusOnline students can enroll until 31th October 2020.
Muuta infoa: All study material is available online and listed in Moodle.
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