Virtual Project Management

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The student will
– understand the characteristics of virtual project teams
– be able to identify the difference in managing a local team versus a virtual team
– be familiar with the approaches and techniques needed for virtual teams to be successful
– understand the types of skills needed to manage a virtual project team
– team up in a multicultural team and get to use in practice different tools and methods in a small research project

Työskentelytavat ja aikataulutus: Weekly tasks, assignments, self tests, reflections and a team assignment. Two webinars will be arranged - one in the beginning and one in the middle of the course. The approach of Task Oriented Learning is used. The student earn points througout the course and work with the learning tasks in small "chunks" The student need to work and perform during the whole course. The student is able to follow his/her achievement in points as the course progresses.
Assessment Criteria on the scale 1 - 5
Muuta infoa: This is the second time the course is offered This time it is also offered to a Partner University in Spain and one in Denmark as well as to incoming exchange students @VAMK. That means that the students will have a real opportunity to team up and get to know students from other parts of Europe. You can therefore regards this course as a Virtual Student Exchange. There will be around 40 international students in the course of which CampusOnline has a quota of a maximum of 20 students.
Aikaisemmat opinnot: Basic knowledge of Project Management is good to have, but not mandatory
Opettaja(t): Kenneth Norrgård
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