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Having completed the course the student can communicate in written English recognizing the requirements of different communication situations. The student can produce successful messages needed in working life. The student recognizes communication as a process having different phases rather than just interpretation or translation of texts from one language to another.

The course includes shorter independent assignments and longer pair work assignments. The short assignments deal with grammar or are independent writing tasks that last for one week. The tasks include organizing text, conjunctions, email, punctuation, persuasive letter, prepositions, letter of complaint, -ing forms and writing about pictures. There are also four pair work assignments, each of them lasting for three weeks. The pair work assignments are summaries, essays and reports and they consist of design, writing and finalizing phases. They are based on given picture and video material or material chosen by the student. In addition there are also a lot of www-links for self study.
During the course the students are required to communicate with the tutor and one another through the means provided by Optima learning environment. They are also requested to post their texts on common discussion rooms of the course.

Työskentelytavat ja aikataulutus: Online course
Aikaisemmat opinnot: The course is available for everyone who has completed secondary education.
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