Course name Expertise and Leadership
Course date 01.09.2024 - 31.07.2025
Institution Savonia University of Applied Sciences
Course language English
Credits 5 ECTS credit

Field 4everyone HUB, Business HUB
Teacher Virolainen Ilkka
Available for open UAS Chargeable
Level Master’s level

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Enrolment period 01.08.2024 - 15.07.2025
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Expertise and Leadership

01.09.2024 - 31.07.2025

Course description

Student is able to find and utilize new knowledge towards professional expertise development with the help of experiential learning methods. Student will gain knowledge to anticipate the changes in both working environment and in working processes. She/he knows how to support and share expertise in working life as well as is able to develop knowledge management practices. Student understands the different roles of a manager in different working communities. She/he is able to assess personal managerial readiness as well as evaluate own managerial competences and define development needs.

  • Development of professional expertise, and shared expertise
  • Development of know-how and leadership/management practices
  • Leadership and managerial know-how and skills
  • Roles of manager in changing working life
  • Identification and evaluation of personal managerial skills and practices


No prior courses required.

Assessment criteria

Gradin scale: 0 – 5

The course is assessed based on learning assignments.

The course assignments must be completed completed by 31.7.2025 at the latest. The teacher assesses assignments/marks grades in the study register during 1 month after learning assignment DL dates (Learning assignment DL dates: 21.10.2024, 9.12.2024, 3.3.2025, 15.5.2025, 31.7.2025).

Course way of working and time table

100% online studies (Moodle)

The workload of the course is approximately 135 hours of independent study.

You can study the course independently at your own pace during the implementation period 1.9.2024 – 31.7.2025.

The learning materials of the course include for example online materials in the learning environment, related articles, books.

Course enrolment info

Studies are free of charge for CampusOnline students, i.e. for the present degree students of Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland and for the study path and exchange students of UAS degree studies.

Course fee for open UAS students is 75 euros.

For to enroll on these studies, you need to have a Finnish Social Security Number/ID.