Course offerings for autumn 2022 have been published.

View courses angle-right offers you the selection of online courses by more than twenty Finnish universities of applied sciences.

You can select courses from another university of applied sciences free of charge and include these studies in your degree.  Make sure at your home university of applied sciences that the courses are suitable for your degree. Please discuss this with your tutor teacher or study guidance counsellor before enrolling on the course, and find out whether the course suits your degree. makes it possible for you to study courses 100% online and complete courses conveniently regardless of time and place – wherever best suits you.


Through, you can carry out studies year-round. Be ready as the most popular courses fill up quickly.

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The supply of study units for spring period 2023 will be released on 14 November and the enrolment period begins on 21 November at 8 am.

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The supply of study units for summer period 2022 will be released on 28 February and the enrolment period begins on 14 March at 8 am.

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The schedule for autumn period 2022 will be released on 8 August and the enrolment period begins on 15 August at 8 am.

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Courses are available year-round and across semesters.

Target Audience

The courses are free of charge for degree students (Bachelor’s/Master’s) at universities of applied sciences and for Open Studies’ path students. Also students from schools of professional teacher education and exchange students may select courses  and complete the courses free of charge.

For students completing individual courses as Open Studies, the courses may be subject to a charge or free of charge, according to the policy of the university of applied sciences providing the course. More specific information on the practice is available in each course description.

Students from schools of professional teacher education may also select the studies.

Good to Know!

The studies offered in the portal are completed entirely online. The course concepts may vary, however.

Some of the studies are completed independently by a specified deadline, and some courses contain lots of group work completed online and schedules that are more limited. Please check carefully the modes of implementation in each course description.

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Transferring the study attainments

The study attainments from the courses are transferred in two different ways, depending on at which university of applied sciences you study. Most universities of applied sciences use the Puro service.

The portal contains basic information on the courses. Each course has a link to the website of the UAS in question, where you can find more specific information on the implementation and enrol on the course. The instructions for the transfer of study attainments between universities of applied sciences is available in the portal

Transferring study attainments

Altogether 23 universities of applied sciences participate