Course name Quality Control Tools
Course date 15.03.2024 - 15.08.2024
Institution Turku University of Applied Sciences
Course language English
Credits 1 ECTS credit

Field Natural Sciences HUB, Technology HUB
Teacher Piritta Saipa
Available for open UAS Chargeable
Level Bachelor

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Enrolment period 15.03.2024 - 15.05.2024
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Quality Control Tools

15.03.2024 - 15.08.2024

Course description


  • Check sheet (tally sheet)
  • Histogram
  • Pareto chart (80-20 rule)
  • Cause and effect diagram (fishbone or Ishikawa diagram)
  • Scatter diagram
  • Control chart
  • Flow chart
  • Stratification


After completing the virtual course, the student is able to define the main quality tools and to give examples of how to use them.

Assessment criteria

  • At the end of course, the course instructor checks that all assignments are completed according to given criteria. No feedback is given. There is no teacher in the course. Criteria and further instructions are provided in itslearning. The course will be evaluated after  August 15th.

Course way of working and time table

The course includes videos about eight different basic quality control tools. After each tool is presented, there are multiple exercises about the task. All tasks must be completed during 15.3.-15.8.2024. Self-regulated learning and excersises. There is no teacher available during the course. All the material can be found in Itslearning. Independent study on the basis of the material given. Student can search additional material from internet, if necessary.

There is a video and a few excersises about each quality tool. All exercises must be done.

Course info

All materials are in English. There is no teacher available during the course.

Course enrolment info

Places are filled in order of registration.

Student places are divided between

  • Turku University of Applied Sciences: 40
  • Other Universities of Applied Sciences: 50 places
  • OpenUniversities of Applied Sciences: 10 places


Please note! Centria, Humak, TAMK, Turku UAS, VAMK and XAMK student, enroll at Peppi/Pakki