Course name Security and Ethical Approaches in Digitalised Health Services
Course date 15.09.2023 - 31.07.2024
Institution Savonia University of Applied Sciences
Course language English
Credits 5 ECTS credit

Field 4everyone HUB, Health and Wellbeing HUB
Teacher Snicker Elisa
Available for open UAS Chargeable
Level Master’s level

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Enrolment period 01.08.2023 - 30.06.2024
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Security and Ethical Approaches in Digitalised Health Services

15.09.2023 - 31.07.2024

Course description

After having completed these studies you

  • recognize both the professionalism and the privacy, security, cyber security and legal issues related to the digitalized health services.
  • understand security standards and systems to protect personal health information.
  • are able to evaluate the impact of e-Health technologies through the use of ethical principles.
  • are able to reflect on the solutions to security and privacy issues arising from the introduction and use of e-Health technologies.


Ethical behaviour in digitalized health services, ethical implications of e-Health technologies as they apply to citizens and e-Health technology professionals, legal, social and ethical perspectives on the use of e-Health technologies through issues of privacy, security, cyber security and reliability.

Assessment criteria

Grading scale: 0 – 5

Active participation via own virtual learning path, exercises, and peer/student discussions.

Course way of working and time table

100 % online studies (Moodle)

Reading material and writing an assignment 135 h.

Course enrolment info

Studies are free of charge for CampusOnline students, i.e. for the present degree students of Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland and for the study path and exchange students of UAS degree studies.

Course fee for open UAS students is 75 euros.