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Opintojakson nimi Sustainable Ecology
Opintojakson ajankohta 28.09.2022 - 07.12.2022
Korkeakoulu Centria-ammattikorkeakoulu
Opintojakson kieli Englanti
Opintopisteet 3 OP

Opintojakson ala Kaikille aloille soveltuva
Opettaja Centria UAS / Averko teacher
Tarjotaan avoimen opiskelijoille Maksullinen
Taso AMK

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Sustainable Ecology

28.09.2022 - 07.12.2022

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The course aim is to provide students with an understanding of the nature around, the state of the human-environment interactions in different forms. The course consists of three parts: Nature and Natural Resources, Man and Environmental Health and Pollution of the Environment.

The course consists of three parts: Nature and Natural Resources Man and Environmental Health Pollution of the Environment.


Grading scale: Passed / failed

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Course implementation is 100% online.

Learning material and additional links are placed in Itslearning learning environment.

3 credits course requires approximately 81 hours of work.

Digital learning environment in Centria and for this course is itslearning. The student needs a computer and working internet access.

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Please note that this course is an updated version of EkoPro in English (3 credits) with similar contents.

If you have completed EkoPro in English earlier, do not register to Sustainable Ecology!