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You will not regret to choose online courses on!  

The most essential reason I chose courses from is that all courses are learned online. The time is, therefore, flexible; we can study and finish assignments whenever we would prefer. When we are too busy with other compulsory tasks from schools, we can let the online course behind. Once we have time, even evening, I can still do it. That is the key factor I like 

Through, I found many interesting courses 

I heard about through my schoolā€™s email about online courses. My teacher usually send an email about when the new registration time is coming to remind us. Due to several reasons such as lack of credits or timetable conflicts, is the best choice for me to choose courses.  

I chose courses, which had to fit with my study program, which is Tourism and Hospitality and my study plan. There were numerous options related to my major degree program to choose. However, they need approving by my tutor teacher before I register the courses.  

I took 4 courses which were Managing eTourism offered by my university, Lapland UAS; Tourism in Coastal and Marine Destination by Satakunta UAS, The Internet Economy Business Models and Strategies provided by Laurea UAS and International Organizations in Tourism. Nevertheless, I ended up only one course which was Tourism in Costal and Marine Destination. My experiences with that course was absolutely wonderful and I was definitely satisfied with the course. 

Want to know why I took 4 courses but accomplished only one? Following my next blog to know reasons šŸ˜Š  

I am May, 22 years old and I am from Vietnam. I am studying the degree program of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Rovaniemi. I am currently the third-year student and my study lasts 3.5 years.