Registering 4 courses but accomplishing only 1 course. Why?

Curious about my choice and the result? Read my blog below to know about reasons.😊  

As mentioned in my first blog, I chose 4 courses which were Managing eTourismTourism in Coastal and Marine DestinationThe Internet Economy Business Models and Strategies and International Organizations in Tourism. However, I accomplished only one course, which was Tourism in Coastal and Marine Destination offered by Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.  

I was completely satisfied with the course Tourism in Coastal and Marine Destination. There were 5 assignments in total, but don’t worry about the number; the course was not that difficult to study. In addition, one more driver I really like from the course is that it is a non-stop course, which was absolutely suitable for my study program, especially at that time I was in Germany for the study exchange and the study was so heavy. I learned so much from the course about not only theories but insights in practices also such as an assignment 3 where I described one coastal and marine destination and I selected Mekong river area in the South of Vietnam.  

A cause leading to my uncompletion for the 2 courses, Managing eTourism and International Organizations in Tourism, was the same. It was due to my schedule; I was overloaded with obligatory assignments from my university and the university in Germany. I couldn’t, therefore, handle those courses.  

The other reason why I gave up The Internet Economy Business Models and Strategies was that the content of the course was not as I expected. It was more about academic theories that I didn’t understand at all. Also, tasks in the course were even harder than I thought.  

Thank you for reading my blog and if you want to know about my recommendations for studying online with, following my next video. 😊