Kursnamn Brand Management
Kursdatum 18.03.2024 - 27.05.2024
Yrkeshögskolan Karelia ammattikorkeakoulu
Kursens språk Engelska
Studiepoäng 3 SP

Bransch HUBBEN för alla
Lärare Martha Balerina
För öppna YH studenter Avgiftsbelagd
Nivå YH

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Anmälningstid 20.11.2023 - 03.03.2024
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Brand Management

18.03.2024 - 27.05.2024


Core content

The course focuses on the brand management and visual communication as essential business factors for creating company and brand images. Core issues are: branding, brand analysis, design management of international business, visual communication research and advertising, recommendation-based markets, product-service-information-environment factors in branding.

Learning outcomes

The student

  • is able to understand and assess the change of marketing communication style in the recommendation based markets
  • is able to identify and construct the main factors that build the company image and brands
  • is able to recognize and relate the formation tools and research methods for basic visual communication and can apply them for interpretation and construction purposes
  • is able to interpret and analyze from existing company material the building of brand identity and how well it is succeeding
  • is able to apply brand building factors and visual communication tools in collaborative, new brand image construction task
  • is able to operate collaboratively in managing a holistic brand creation process and inventing and debating the factors and visual communication involved in it


Estimation Scale pass/fail

Arbetsformer och schemaläggning

Contemporary study material will be delivered from professional journals (for example www.dmi.org).


The assessment is based on the below competences:

  • Brand design knowledge (apply & assess)
  • Visual competence (analyse & construct & relate & communicate)
  • Working community expertise (operate & interpret)
  • Innovation competence (invent & debate)
  • Internationalism competence (identify & recognize)


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