Kursnamn Projects and finances
Kursdatum 01.08.2023 - 31.07.2024
Yrkeshögskolan Humanistinen ammattikorkeakoulu
Kursens språk Engelska
Studiepoäng 5 SP

Bransch HUBBEN för alla, Kultur HUB
Lärare Jenny Honka
För öppna YH studenter Avgiftsbelagd
Nivå YH

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Anmälningstid 07.08.2023 - 22.05.2024

Projects and finances

01.08.2023 - 31.07.2024


If you need a project-like approach to your work or knowledge of the basics of project management as part of your studies, this course is for you!

During the course, you will find out how projects are planned, budgeted and how funding is applied for. In addition, you will learn what kind of project-like work there is in your field, what stages are involved in the implementation of a project, and what skills and tools project work requires from you.

The course is implemented entirely online and is suitable for university students or other participants who are new to project activities and are able to study independently online.


  • project planning and management
  • project financing
  • project work and tools
  • project communications and evaluation of effectiveness.


The student

  • understands the significance of projects in their field.
  • understands the different stages of project implementation.
  • is able to prepare a realistic budget for the project.
  • knows different forms of project financing.
  • is able to use project management tools.


The course is assessed pass/fail. The assessment is based on the course competence objectives. The student must demonstrate mastery of at least 40% of the course’s objectives in order to complete the course. If a student does not achieve the minimum level of competence, the course will be marked ”Insufficient”. A fail mark is awarded when a student has achieved 0–39% of the course competence objectives.

Arbetsformer och schemaläggning

The course is completed at one’s own pace online. The course consists of various online materials and assignments (individual and small group assignments). All the material needed for the course (videos, blogs, etc.) can be found on the Hoodle platform.


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