Kursnamn Strategic Thinking and Future Orientation
Kursdatum 15.09.2024 - 31.07.2025
Yrkeshögskolan Savonia-ammattikorkeakoulu
Kursens språk Engelska
Studiepoäng 5 SP

Bransch HUBBEN för alla, Turism och kosthåll HUB, Business HUB
Lärare Haapakoski Markku
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Nivå Högre YH

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Anmälningstid 01.08.2024 - 15.07.2025

Strategic Thinking and Future Orientation

15.09.2024 - 31.07.2025


Student understands the importance of strategic thinking and continuous renewal in the development of an organization’s competitiveness. Student knows how to utilize new strategic tools to managing and renewing the organization. She / He knows how to analyze and evaluate changes in the organization’s operating environment. Student knows how to utilize the tools of foresight, with which she / he develops the future operation of the organization and industry by taking into account the principles of ethics and sustainable development.


  • Strategic thinking and visioning
  • Analysis of industry and anticipation of the future as part of strategic thinking
  • Scenarios as working method
  • Future information as part of leadership and management, and in decision making


Grading scale: 0 – 5

The course is open from 15 September 2024 to 31 July 2025 in the academic year 2024 – 2025. The assignments required to complete the course can be returned at any time to the return folder in the course.

The learning assignments have five submission dates during the academic year 2024 -2025. All the learning assignments must be completed by the submission date. The completed assignments will be evaluated within four weeks from each submission date.

The submisson dates are October 31, 2024, December 31, 2024, March 9, 2025, May 15, 2025 and July 31, 2025.

Arbetsformer och schemaläggning

100 % online studies (Moodle)

Self-study in Moodle platform. Five credits are totally 135 hours student work.

Learning assignment / development work for the target organization chosen by the student.


This course is only for Master degree students.


Studies are free of charge for CampusOnline students, i.e. for the present degree students of Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland and for the study path and exchange students of UAS degree studies.

Course fee for open UAS students is 75 euros.

For to enroll on these studies, you need to have a Finnish Social Security Number/ID.